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VimWell is an open-world social entertainment platform designed for smartphone users. It offers extensive features to build various challenges, to team up with others, to meet in real life and to accomplish the challenges within cooperative teamwork.

How it works?

A challenge can be a game (e.g. quiz), to play a real or virtual musical instrument, or to look for hidden treasures in a park or on a hiking tour. VimWell combines those real-world activities with virtual elements and transforms them into challenging quests. The lifespan of each quest depends on its popularity but, at the end, each quest disappears to give space to new ones.

You can create quests, anchor them to a physical place, and share them with other people. They can join your quests and collect skill points and VimCoins to create more and more complex challenges and to craft new virtual items. Virtual items can help you or your team accomplish a quest.

You can let VimWell propose you other registered users to team up with. The platform helps you build up a team in short time by letting you share your chosen contact data among team members. Therefore, you do not need to get used to yet another messaging platform. In alternative, you can invite your friends into a private group, of course. However, we would like to foster diversity and social acceptance, so we designed VimWell to build teams based on people’s interests.

Are you a creative individual or a small business somewhere in the big world?
Try VimWell as a platform to share your creativity or to let others recognize you.

Are you looking for somebody with the same interests or for somebody to talk with in real life?
Stop searching, go out - take VimWell with you - and meet people in real life. We do not guarantee they will have the same interests as you, but you may enjoy discovering similar ones as well ;)

Have you just moved to a new city or do you simply want to extend your social network?
VimWell caters to the need of doing activities together, not necessarily with people you already know. Enjoy discovering new places together and contributing to the community of the city you live!

Do you have only 10 minutes to chill out with friends?
Spend them in a way that allows you to look into each other’s eyes.

Do you want to know more about VimWell and our plans?
Try it for free! It is now available in Google Play Store.